Serving + Empowering Veterans 

Our Mission

To serve and empower veterans with grace through a network of community resources, services, and tailored mentorship provided by veterans.

We Are Different

Three ways we differ from other housing and veteran service providers:


We provide support that enables a veteran to establish good practices, housing, and employment to gain independence so they aren't receiving support indefinitely.


We provide service to ALL veterans regardless of discharge statues and criminal history.


We provide a mentor who is also a veteran to all GOG clients to help navigate life, celebrate the milestones, and provide the necessary emotional support (a surrogate family).


Only with your support can we provide the resources + support our veterans need. 100% of every dollar goes directly to helping our veterans.  All donations are 100% tax-deductible.


We offer a variety of services all of which fall within six core programs. Through these programs, we serve our veterans (and their families) in an effort to eliminate barriers they face by creating a community of resources, training and support.


To learn more about what we offer or how you can get involved please contact us!

About GOG

Grandeur of Grace (GOG) was established in 2021 to serve those who’ve served and their families regardless of race, rank, status, discharge, criminal history, and circumstance. Our team, consisting of our founding 3 members, have all experienced the military in some way or another be it as a military child, spouse, or service member and veteran; and it is through our very own experiences and the various challenges we’ve witnessed veterans encounter that we’ve gained insight into the needs of many barrier veterans face. 

While several locally and nationally renowned organizations exist to provide aid and services to our homeless or at-risk veteran population, we foudn that the majority of these services are limited to veterans with an honorable discharge and no criminal record. And although we serve this demographic too, we also support veterans who have been honorably discharged and/or have been convicted of nonviolent crimes. We do this for two reasons: 1) the military does not have a great track record for evidential based convictions for nonviolent crimes, and 2) these veterans are no less deserving of a second chance. 

The grace we extend toward this population can make the difference between homeless and self-sustaining, productive member of society and repeat offender, and life and dealth. 

If you’ve ever served in the armed forces, then you likely understand some of the challenges veterans, in general, face in the civilian world. It is an entirely unique world transitioning from an environment of comradery and structure to one of isolation and choas. If a veteran does not have a strong support system (which many do not) they quickly get lost. 

So, whether the veteran is honorably discharged or deserving of a second chance, GOG provides a suite of services customized for the individual, designed to get the veteran the support system they lack to ensure successful transition to a self-sustaining member of their community. GOG addresses the veteran’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs through our six programs. And although we are faily new, we are passionate, skilled, organized, and have veterans contacting us weekly for our services. 

If it were not for the financial support we’ve received from our incredibly generous donors we would not have the resources to continue serving our military veterans and their families.